1. Human resources development strategy

In order to organize corporate human resources in a scientific and effective way, to ensure a harmonious combination of the capacity of individuals, MCG Talent Gene will coordinate with businesses:
• Assessing the situation of human resources and developing human resource development strategies
• Develop career development programs, performance management, coaching, mentoring, succession planning
• Successful planning, personal development plans and overall training plans promote the development of individuals and organizations


2. Competency assessment, training & development roadmap

According to the current situation of enterprises, many employees have not been trained and developed in accordance with the business orientation as well as the needs and capabilities of each individual. Enterprises have invested in training and human resource development but have not really seen the efficiency and ROI.

With the above status, we will support businesses:

• Develop capacity framework and assess individual capacity based on competency standards

• Planning a roadmap and career development plan for each position and individual

• Determine the route and training program based on competency standards for each job position

• Evaluate / analyze training needs in a synchronous and systematic way

• Design training programs according to the business characteristics of the business and each target group Training and evaluation organizations after training pay special attention to post-training applications


3. Training and coaching team leaders and managers

Employee engagement begins with a positive corporate culture and good managers, but how to best manage the resources in their hands to implement the organization's strategy and goals , meet business goals?

We will be with the business:

• Develop a capacity framework for management

• Evaluate and develop management capacity

• Develop leadership training and development programs that help manage confidence in problem solving, trust, motivate and build your team

• Develop training programs for middle managers to develop them to senior management positions

• Training and mentoring to manage confidence in your work

• Monitor and support the application management level of knowledge, skills and management tools after training


4. Training and coaching on the HR management tools

In the context of today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous market (VUCA), how do businesses have the right strategy and efficient human resources to maintain stability and Sustainable Development?

MCG Talent Gene provides solutions to train and train specific operations in Human Resource Management including:

• Matrix assignment and analysis, job description

• Develop capacity standards system and capacity assessment

• Create a system of salary - bonus - social benefits

• Develop a system for evaluating work performance and KPI

• Develop a recruitment and training system in enterprises

• Building a system of training and developing talents, inheriting human resource plans, human resource training plans and programs

• Creating a cohesive culture and responsibility


5. Soft skills training

MCG Talent Gene offers advanced solutions for developing soft skills for businesses as follows:

• Helping corporate staff recognize the important role of soft skills and development efforts to succeed in personal careers and careers

• Develop training and soft skills development programs such as listening skills, idea presentation, conflict resolution, communication and collaboration, persuasive negotiation, coaching and mentoring, teamwork to help businesses promote personal connections, build effective partnerships, increase competitiveness and work productivity.

Practical exercises & examples extremely interesting & useful, helping learners better understand their responsibilities in human resources.
Ms. Nguyen Lan Phuong
Ms. Nguyen Lan Phuong

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